• Rule Breakers and Style Makers

    jack_kerouac Allen Ginsberg 1953

      “I don’t really want to become normal, average, standard. I want merely to gain in strength, in the courage to live out my life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. I want to develop even more original and more unconventional traits” -Anaïs Nin   “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you […]

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  • Moments in the Studio


    Captured by Koby Hagenfelds.

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  • A Song For Friday #49

    Lay Lady Lay…..

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  • Lutriwita Part III


    From a journey into the landscapes and winter of Tasmania. Day 21. The Wildest West Sliding back down south along an unoccupied coast, harsh, wild and honest, the reality of the west coast is unapologetically real. Dirt trails lead to small shantytowns, littered with a confused mash of proud timber shacks and broken fibro homes. […]

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  • A Song For Friday #48

    Smoke em if you got em. Drink your glasses to the bottom. This song is bringing us to the weekend.

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  • A Song For Friday #47

    Timber Timbre. Simplicity at its finest.

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  • A song for Friday #46

    Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.57.15 pm

    Tom Waits demonstrating extreme style.

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  • Breaking rules beautifully; a splendid adventure.


    Pirates Dreaming meets Splendour in the Grass   “By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well.” ― Robert Bringhurst   “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald   “There are no laws, there are no rules, just grab your […]

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  • A Song For Friday #45

    Labi Siffre bringing the sweetest sounds to the studio…..

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  • A Song For Friday #44

    There isn’t a video for this track, but the album cover is damn good and so is the song. Listen and enjoy.

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  • A Song For Friday #43

    Starting the weekend right. With The 13th Floor Elevators.

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  • A Song For Friday #42

    Allen Stone. Doing it with such style.

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  • A Song For Friday #41

    From 1973 to today.

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  • A Song For Friday #40

    King Floyd bringing the groove into the weekend….

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  • A Song For Friday #39

    The Growlers. ‘I’ll Be Around’ Bringing us into the weekend.

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  • A Song for Friday #38

    Because yeh yeh…

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  • A Song For Friday #37

    Smooth and sweet sounds on a journey through San Francisco in 1905.  

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  • Nathan Hawes x Pirates Dreaming


    Nathan Hawes; surfer, musician. On a road trip south, he popped into the studio to find some more sweet rings for his fingers. Images captured by Hunter Thomson. You can follow their journeys on Instagram, @nathanhawes and @hunterthomson_

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  • A Song For Friday #36

    Taking it back to 1950 with Amos Milburn.

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  • French Vintage Cowboys.


    Joey and Simon, French Vintage Cowboys. Discovered on the streets of Byron Bay, their style stood out in the coastal town. A spontaneous photo shoot with Carlos Walters as the full moon rose from the ocean. Featuring rings from Pirates Dreaming, models own vintage clothing and jewellery.    

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  • Kamasi Washinton x Pirates Dreaming


    Presenting Kamasi Washington, amazing jazz saxaphonist. He has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, was awarded the American Music Prize and has released a 3 hour studio album, ‘The Epic’. He also has a damn fine jewellery collection, including a brass ‘Ossa’ ring from Pirates Dreaming.   Images from Nina Corcoran, Condé Nast and Pirates Dreaming.

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  • A Song For Friday #35

    This song. This clip. Sweet sounds in the studio makes for lovely creative moments.  

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  • Restless Sinner

    04 copy

    “But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.” -Kahlil Gibran These amazing images were captured by Patrick O’Neill. Featuring Justin Forsyth and assisted by Darcy Moore. The final image won a Silver Award at the Australian Professional Photograhers Australia Wide Competition.

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  • Put The Lime in The Coconut


    It was a long, delightful, delicious summer. And to celebrate the fun season that it was, Pirates Dreaming collaborated with Beaches and Cream, the tastiest and most beautiful ice cream store in Byron Bay. Together we created an amazing flavour combination, ‘Put The Lime in The Coconut’. A mouth watering sorbet of creamy coconut with […]

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  • Rings and Rock and Roll


    Bootleg Rascal have long been a fan of Pirates Dreaming, first meeting at one particularly colourful and fun Splendour in the Grass back in 2011. Last year we worked together to design and create a special ring for the members of the band. They recently toured the US with Sticky Fingers, taking the rings on […]

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  • A Song For Friday #34

    Journeying into the weekend with Allah-Las.

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  • A Song For Friday #33

    Boo Seeka doing it in style yet again. Wearing a sweet selection of rings from Pirates Dreaming.

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  • A Song For Friday #32

    The Growlers know it.

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  • A Song For Friday #31

    Ella Fitzgerald singing about the greatest thing you will ever learn….  

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  • A Song For Friday #30

    Taking you back to 1970 today……  

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  • A Song For Friday #29

    Some sweet sounds of The White Buffalo for this lovely Friday.

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  • A Song For Friday #28

    Rap in the studio, that’s how it has been rolling lately. This one from Aesop Rock for your ears this Friday, though he has so many epic tracks. Check them all out!  

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  • A Song For Friday #27

    Going down deep inside a volcano to perform this song, epic! Kaleo will be performing at Bluesfest. And Piratesdreaming will be there too, with a whole lot of fine treasure!  

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  • Bluesfest 2016

    Piratesdreaming will be appearing at Bluesfest next month. With such an epic lineup, we will have an epic selection of jewellery to match. See you there!

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  • A Song For Friday #26

    The Velvet Underground, with a little taste of 1970’s New York.

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  • A Song For Friday #25

    Because her voice…….    

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  • A Song For Friday #24

    Lijadu Sisters with a sweet style of dancing for this Friday…..

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  • A Song For Friday #23

    Friday, Wednesday, whichever day it may be. This is the song for any kind of day.  

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  • A Song For Friday #22

    A sweet road trip taking you to the weekend ahead…..  

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  • Hello Woodford!

    Piratesdreaming will be back amongst the magic of Woodford Folk Festival this year, from December 26 – Jan 1. If you are looking for something particularly amazing to celebrate the end of 2015, this is the place to be!  

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  • Lutriwita: Part 1


    The journey. 21 days. Into the deep heart of Tasmania. “I have always felt an uncommon affinity with places dark, ancient and unbroken. I find solace in empty landscapes, void of human interference; raw, rugged and elemental. I am not a dark human, nor a loner, I simply find the company of the wild far […]

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  • A Song For Friday #21

    The Trill is Gone. A taster for the latest epic album from the amazing Amerigo Gazaway.  

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  • Lutriwita: An Exhibition

    If you happen to be in Byron Bay on Friday the 13th….. an exhibition of landscapes from the 21 day Tasmanian adventure, Lutriwita, by Jack Bailey. And a special launch of the jewellery collection of the same name. A sweet collaboration between Piratesdreaming and Motorcitybreakdown. Click here for a taste of the epic landscapes captured.

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  • A Song for Friday #20

    Because this is super lovely. Boo Seeka covering ‘Pilgrim’.

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  • 92 Dreams

    Pirates Dreaming . from jackson jones on Vimeo.

    This sweet clip was made by Jackson Jones featuring rings from Piratesdreaming.  

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  • Studio dreamings……

    Rebecca from Iris visited the studio recently and captured these lovely black and white moments. Check for the full story…..    

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  • A Song for Friday #19

    ‘The Truth’ from Dr. Dog on a Friday afternoon. Taking you on a train journey…..

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  • A Song for Friday #18

    This song. Just sit back and listen. Masters of Reality on this lovely Friday. Rabbit One.

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  • Lutriwita Part II


    The latest offering from Motorcitybreakdown. A Japanese Love Song. Featuring the stunning landscapes of Tasmania.  

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  • A Song for Friday #17

    This song, perfectly lovely for your ears.

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  • Lutriwita


    Lutriwita. The journey has begun. A journey through the rugged landscapes of Tasmania in the coldest of months. By Motorcitybreakdown.   Follow the journey……..

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  • A Song for Friday #16

    Check this latest video from Bootleg Rascal, featuring rings from Piratesdreaming……..

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