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Travel Poetic

Travelling Poetic. 

A short film created by Dom Sullivan for Pirates Dreaming.

Featuring Max Tarrant.

Music by Fingal Capaldi.

Poetry by Adelaide Friday.

Filmed on Super8 in Byron Bay, Australia

Love letters from the road

to the great unknown.

Dreamscapes, landscapes,

And the wide open plains.


Finding poetry in all the moments you pass

from the morning of light

to the dusk of day.


Nothing in between but spaces where you find yourself.

No wrong turns, just the roads not taken.

Places you approach from, spaces you depart from.


Desiring nothing yet everything,

Following the heartbeat of the road

Highways, low ways,

Ahead, behind and beyond.


And at the end of it all

Is to return home

With the spirit of adventure

Deep within you.