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  • Studio dreams

    Pirates Dreaming from Piratesdreaming on Vimeo.

    This beautiful video was shot by Dean Perrin, one lovely day in the studio. Get immersed in the process. Enjoy the journey.

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  • Interview #3 – Christian Navarro


    Who are you, where do you live and what do you do? I am Chris, I live in Barcelona and I am a photographer. Describe your lifestyle… I try to live with less. Life is about experiences and not things. I like to live simple and be creative 24/7. What’s your biggest dream? I live […]

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  • Studio Dreamings


    Comfort in the process A studio where dreams are made Silver is melted Poems are typed Magic is created.   Images by Dean Perrin Pirates Dreaming, Byron Bay

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  • Zodiac

    Zodiac from Piratesdreaming on Vimeo.

    This video, created by Claudia Rose for Pirates Dreaming. Muse and music by Ben Evans, poetry by Adelaide Friday.    

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  • Moments in the Studio


    Captured by Koby Hagenfelds.

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  • Nathan Hawes x Pirates Dreaming


    Nathan Hawes; surfer, musician. On a road trip south, he popped into the studio to find some more sweet rings for his fingers. Images captured by Hunter Thomson. You can follow their journeys on Instagram, @nathanhawes and @hunterthomson_

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  • French Vintage Cowboys.


    Joey and Simon, French Vintage Cowboys. Discovered on the streets of Byron Bay, their style stood out in the coastal town. A spontaneous photo shoot with Carlos Walters as the full moon rose from the ocean. Featuring rings from Pirates Dreaming, models own vintage clothing and jewellery.    

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  • Restless Sinner

    04 copy

    “But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.” -Kahlil Gibran These amazing images were captured by Patrick O’Neill. Featuring Justin Forsyth and assisted by Darcy Moore. The final image won a Silver Award at the Australian Professional Photograhers Australia Wide Competition.

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  • Put The Lime in The Coconut


    It was a long, delightful, delicious summer. And to celebrate the fun season that it was, Pirates Dreaming collaborated with Beaches and Cream, the tastiest and most beautiful ice cream store in Byron Bay. Together we created an amazing flavour combination, ‘Put The Lime in The Coconut’. A mouth watering sorbet of creamy coconut with […]

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