Interview #2 – Rory Loughrey

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Who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

Rory L, I grew up and live in Bondi, Sydney. I work on offshore supply ships towing and supplying oil rigs

Describe your lifestyle…

Erratic, one minute on a plane the next on a ship and in my downtime always on my bike riding up it down the coast

What is your biggest dream?

All my family and friends to be happy and healthy

What excites you about the world?

That there is so much to explore and not enough time

How do you begin or end your day?

First thing is coffee then a swim, end of the day is always rad to head down to the village and have a beer with my mate Beans in the German bar

What song, singer or band do you love the most

In the ghetto by Elvis as it was playing the first time I did DMT and it changed my life.

What was the last, most memorable book you read?

Scum valley by Matthew Elks, about the old days in Bondi when it was a solid working class town

Whose words touch you the most? (Eg. poet, author, songwriter)…

Bukowski, Everlast, Neil Ryan for his storytelling, anyone from Dublin after a few pints

What is your dream collaboration?

Iason Sarris, a true innovator of digital art

How do you find balance?

I spend half my life at sea so it’s a good balance of doing five weeks on then five off, gives me plenty of time to work on the bike and travel and hang with friends and family but it’s hard being away, missed birthdays, weddings (sorry Ellen and Ben), Christmas at sea etc.

What is next for you?

My brother and I were talking about flying to Hanoi and buying motorbikes and riding south to Ho Chi Minh city around the end of April which I have wanted to do for a long time, always good times traveling with my brother

Describe your philosophy of life in one sentence…

All or nothing! Pretty much sums me up

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