Interview #4

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Who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

My name is Fingal, and at the present, I’m wandering around Britain, as a sort of modern day travelling troubadour, wild food forager, stonemason, and general raconteur.

Describe your lifestyle?

I’ve been visiting from town to town, catching up with old friends, and marvelling at the surrounding countryside. I love nature, foraging for berries, leaves, roots and seaweed, and collecting fresh water from springs. I also have a great interest in ancient megalithic sites. Within this I play live shows at venues, and busk in market towns. Also I like to repay the generosity of hospitality by being a general handyman and gardener.

What’s your biggest dream?

Eventually, my ambition would to be fully supported by my art, specifically a composer of film and theatre scores.

What excites you about the world?

I find the world a fascinating place, the potential for new experience and learning is boundless.

We also live in most interesting times, the ever present danger of self destruction mixed with a growing movement of awareness and human unification.

How do you begin or end your day? 

Depending on the night before, I generally like to get things started, after the initial surprise at being alive, with a cup of hot lemon, and some tai chi like exercises and some mindful breathing. Then it’s coffee time! The end of the day is less predictable, and often much less wholesome.

What song, singer or band do you love the most?

From all the greats, it would be hard to decide on one favourite, but I’ve constantly returned to the words and music of Dylan since I was a nipper. But, I love so many different musicians and bands for different reasons, The Stones for riffs, Tom Waits for quirk, Ennio Morricone for composition, the list is endless.

What was the last, most memorable book you read?

I recently bought a book from a charity shop for 2 quid, called Captain from Castille, a hardback published in the forties. It was  roughly about the Spanish invasion of Central America, and their conquest of the Incas. It was a swashbuckling, ripping yarn, about a pretty heavy subject. I forget the author.

Whose words touch you the most? (Eg. poet, author, songwriter)

I mentioned before my love of the works of Bob, but I also adore the words of Leonard Cohen, in particular two songs recently from the album, called Recent Songs, the Window and Ballad of the Absent Mare.

What is your dream collaboration?

As I mentioned, my great ambition would be to compose scores and soundtracks for film and theatre, so a collaboration much like the unions of say, Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, or Tim Burton and Danny Elfman would be a dream. So I don’t know who my future collaborators are yet, which is another thing that excites me about life.

How do you find balance? 

The wild foraging, tai chi, and breathing helps me to balance out the less savoury of my lifestyle habits. I find deep mindful breathing through potentially stressful situations, or if I’m just generally in a more negative, shit mood, invaluable. Also, I’ve got a shameful secret, I’m a bit of an astrology and tarot enthusiast (nut) which seems to help out with the sometimes crushing weight of existence.

What is next for you? 

My next mission is to do a bit of work to raise funds for a vintage caravan and vehicle, deck it out with a wood burner etc, and continue my travels in style.

Check out Fingal’s music on BandCamp where you can purchase his albums, which will support him with his vintage caravan dream so he can continue to share his magic with the world. (Travels with a Donkey is a particularly dreamy album) x