Lutriwita Part III


From a journey into the landscapes and winter of Tasmania.

Day 21.

The Wildest West

Sliding back down south along an unoccupied coast, harsh, wild and honest, the reality of the west coast is unapologetically real.

Dirt trails lead to small shantytowns, littered with a confused mash of proud timber shacks and broken fibro homes. Tiny natural harbors project the unseen residents from the constant barrage of cold black arctic swells.

Trawlers are docked high and dry. Dormant steel hulled beasts, impatiently waiting for some slight relief form the bitter sea. Curtains peel back, momentarily revealing shady occupants peering out at the strangers who come to invade their coastal fortresses.

The mood is dark and hard as the salty humans that inhabit this formidable length of coast.

Press on as the locals are restless. -Jack Bailey


Images by Jack Bailey.