A journey.

21 days.

Into the deep heart of Tasmania.

“I have always felt an uncommon affinity with places dark, ancient and unbroken. I find solace in empty landscapes, void of human interference; raw, rugged and elemental. I am not a dark human, nor a loner, I simply find the company of the wild far more affable than that of modern man. To temporarily remove myself form the mediocrity of society and capture the beauty of unhindered evolution I journeyed south, to Van Diemen’s Land.” – Jack Bailey

Before he embarked on the journey, Pirates Dreaming collaborated with Jack Bailey of Motorcitybreakdown, and together they designed this latest collection, aptly titled ‘Lutriwita’. Inspired by the rugged landscapes of Tasmania, this range was created with the heart of the Tasmanian wild in mind. These images and videos below show the vast beauty of ‘Lutriwita’.

Enjoy the journey.