• Interview #5


        Who are you, where do you live and what do you do? I’m Jack Bailey, I live in Byron Bay and I do what I gotta do.   Describe your lifestyle? It’s a tough question. Indulgent, hectic, punctuated by points of mellowness, bliss, confusion, anxiety, desperation, love, social anxiety, punctuated by more moments […]

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  • Interview #4

      Who are you, where do you live and what do you do? My name is Fingal, and at the present, I’m wandering around Britain, as a sort of modern day travelling troubadour, wild food forager, stonemason, and general raconteur. Describe your lifestyle? I’ve been visiting from town to town, catching up with old friends, […]

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  • Interview #2 – Rory Loughrey

        Who are you, where do you live and what do you do? Rory L, I grew up and live in Bondi, Sydney. I work on offshore supply ships towing and supplying oil rigs Describe your lifestyle… Erratic, one minute on a plane the next on a ship and in my downtime always on my […]

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  • Lutriwita Part III


    From a journey into the landscapes and winter of Tasmania. Day 21. The Wildest West Sliding back down south along an unoccupied coast, harsh, wild and honest, the reality of the west coast is unapologetically real. Dirt trails lead to small shantytowns, littered with a confused mash of proud timber shacks and broken fibro homes. […]

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  • Nathan Hawes x Pirates Dreaming


    Nathan Hawes; surfer, musician. On a road trip south, he popped into the studio to find some more sweet rings for his fingers. Images captured by Hunter Thomson. You can follow their journeys on Instagram, @nathanhawes and @hunterthomson_

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  • Lutriwita: Part 1


    The journey. 21 days. Into the deep heart of Tasmania. “I have always felt an uncommon affinity with places dark, ancient and unbroken. I find solace in empty landscapes, void of human interference; raw, rugged and elemental. I am not a dark human, nor a loner, I simply find the company of the wild far […]

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  • A journey by black and white.

    This town where we live. Where streets are named after poets and the winter sun is warm.   Images by Adelaide Friday.

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