• Interview #5


        Who are you, where do you live and what do you do? I’m Jack Bailey, I live in Byron Bay and I do what I gotta do.   Describe your lifestyle? It’s a tough question. Indulgent, hectic, punctuated by points of mellowness, bliss, confusion, anxiety, desperation, love, social anxiety, punctuated by more moments […]

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  • Studio Dreamings


    Comfort in the process A studio where dreams are made Silver is melted Poems are typed Magic is created.   Images by Dean Perrin Pirates Dreaming, Byron Bay

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  • French Vintage Cowboys.


    Joey and Simon, French Vintage Cowboys. Discovered on the streets of Byron Bay, their style stood out in the coastal town. A spontaneous photo shoot with Carlos Walters as the full moon rose from the ocean. Featuring rings from Pirates Dreaming, models own vintage clothing and jewellery.    

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  • A Song For Friday #27

    Going down deep inside a volcano to perform this song, epic! Kaleo will be performing at Bluesfest. And Piratesdreaming will be there too, with a whole lot of fine treasure!  

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  • Bluesfest 2016

    Piratesdreaming will be appearing at Bluesfest next month. With such an epic lineup, we will have an epic selection of jewellery to match. See you there!

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  • Lutriwita: An Exhibition

    If you happen to be in Byron Bay on Friday the 13th….. an exhibition of landscapes from the 21 day Tasmanian adventure, Lutriwita, by Jack Bailey. And a special launch of the jewellery collection of the same name. A sweet collaboration between Piratesdreaming and Motorcitybreakdown. Click here for a taste of the epic landscapes captured.

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  • Studio dreamings……

    Rebecca from Iris visited the studio recently and captured these lovely black and white moments. Check for the full story…..    

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  • A journey by black and white.

    This town where we live. Where streets are named after poets and the winter sun is warm.   Images by Adelaide Friday.

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